How to Successfully Make Money On Hubpages

How to Successfully Make Money On Hubpages

HubPages has been a website that has offered a way for writers to make an income online without a blog since 2006. However, there are ways that you can maximise the money you make with just a few quick tips.

What Is Hubpages

HubPages is user generated content sharing website that shares its ad revenue with the creators who contribute to the site. So if you create a high quality article which generates traffic then you will earn a share of that profit. The same goes if you include some of Hubpages Amazon affiliate links. It is a pretty cool idea which really benefits people who want to earn a little money from writing online but don’t want the hassle of setting up a website.

How Easy Is It To Make Money From HubPages?

Well truth be known it can be pretty hard if you don’t go into it with a plan. You could write the best article ever, but if you don’t get people reading it then you may be in danger of not making a penny from your masterpiece.

HubPages themselves will tell you that it can take 6 months to start making money on their platform so it is not a get rich quick scheme (but lets be honest when do they ever work?). However, there are a few ways in which you can start to make money on HubPages a little quicker and more effectively

So Where To Start

Sign-up to HubPages

If you havent already signed up to Hubpages, get on over to the website HERE and sign up now. At the end of the day, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Write Some Hubs

HubPages prides itself on only publishing very high quality content. Every article is assessed and if it doesn’t hit their standards then it wont be published or eligible for Adshare revenue. However, if it doesn’t meet the standard firt time then you will get some tips on how it can be improved.

Another great thing about Hubpages is that the pages you write your articles on do encourage you to work to their particular style of writing and I found that when I did write for them, my overall style became far more internet friendly.

Top Tips For Making Money On Hubpages.

As I said it isn’t easy to make money unless you go in with a plan and i have a few really good tips that will help you to get started. I cant help you write your articles though, that’s on you.

Adding your own affiliate link

Most people assume that because their is a revenue share you can not add affiliate links from outside of the Adshare network, but you can. As long as you only add one and it is relevant to you article then you could potentially see a bigger margin on sharing other affiliate links. For example, if you are writing an article on a Witch Craft. You may include a link to a website which sells Witchy Items that have an affiliate program which allows you to earn a commission. (I know how bad an example that it is, I really do)

Add a link to one of your products

We love a little self advertising, you sort of have to if you are going to make money online. A great example (for a change) of this would be say you wrote an article about swimming. what is stopping you going to a website like Cafe Press or Teespring and designing maybe a funny T-Shirt or mug and then advertising that. You will gain adshare revenue from Hubpages based on the Google Adsense adverts and also a profit from the T-shirt if it sells. Double win.

These are just two ideas for a potential further income. If you think outside the box I am sure you will find the perfect secondary income

HubPages Is All About Traffic

This can really be said about all websites really. Hubpages Adshare is driven by traffic to the website and you share is determined by the traffic you are generating for Hubpages. So how can you get eyes on your articles?


I don’t think to many people who are looking to make an income online haven’t heard of Pinterest, but if you haven’t check out my article here (ADD LINK).

If you can share your article on Pinterest with a pretty pin then you will get traffic to your article. This is turn will generate you Adshare revenue. Simple but effective.

Social Media

Ok Pinterest is sort of the same thing but it is so much more effective that Facebook or Twitter that it got its own bullet point. But it is always worth sharing you ‘hubs’ on facebook and twitter. If you have a look on Facebook groups you will even find some Hubpages groups where people share their articles with other hubbers, and while on that subject …..

Interact with Fellow Hubbers

Hubpages is pretty addictive and functions the same as any social media platform. If you follow other hubbers, they will follow you. If you read one of their articles and leave a comment, and I mean actually read it and leave a comment that draws a conversation, they will likely read one of yours and return the favour. That equates to another page view and more adshare revenue. Also as they will follow you back your future hubs will appear on their Hubpages feed, making it more likely they will read your articles again in the future. Win Win.

In the future I plan on going back to writing a few hubs as a project for this site so keep your eyes peeled.

That sign-up link again is here. Join me over on Hubpages and see if we can make a little extra whisky money 🙂

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