OHMYDOSH!! A Real Way to Make Money In The UK

OHMYDOSH!! A Real Way to Make Money In The UK

Whenever I see websites like OHMYDOSH I always look at them with suspicion. Where is the catch? For example a lot of the survey sites that boast that you can make loads of money for doing nothing but then you sign up, spend an hour doing intro surveys get to the actual survey’s and just get timed out all the time. The have never represented good value for time in my opinion and mostly never get anywhere near actual payouts. However, OHMYDOSH!! is very different, lets have a look why.

So What is OhMyDosh!

Well you know all the survey sites I have just described, its nothing like them. I guess the closest equivalent would be Topcash Back but better. You can earn money in several ways. You can earn cashback on things that you buy, or even earn money just for taking free trials of things. There are some surveys which often are decent value for time. For example, before writing this I had a survey of 10 questions for 50p. It must have taken me 2 minutes (What’s that, £15 an hour).

Even better pay-outs are pretty low at only £10. So that means as soon as you hit £10 in your account you can have the money transferred to your PayPal

How Can I Earn This Money?

The example offers that I am going to show you are correct at the time of me writing this article.

  1. Sign up to Amazon Prime 30 day free trial – Make £3.50.

Yes that’s right they will pay you for enjoying free next day delivery and all the great TV that Amazon Prime offers. There is literally no way to lose. If you don’t want to pay £7.99 a month, just cancel within the 30 days.

2. Sign up to Ancestry free 14 day Trial – Make £1.25

Again this is win win. £1.25 for entering a few details and then cancelling your membership. You never know in your 14 day trial you may find a long lost relative.

3. Sign up to Go-Henry free 60 day trial – Make £3.75

With this offer you receive the £3.75 when you register the card that arrives in the post. Enjoy the benefits for 60 days, cancel it at keep your Dosh!

4. Get your £3 trial box from Simply Cook – Earn £4.50

This one is a little different as you need to spend £3 on a simply cook box (which by the way is well worth it) and you will be credited with £4.50 dosh.

5. Sign up to Acorn TV’s free 30 day trial – Make £3.25

Same as the other free trials, win win. Get paid for doing something free.

Also in free trials we have Lumin Skin care samples – earn £2 and Smol dishwasher tablets, a sample pack of 9 and get £1. I actually use Smol tabs, they are awesome. 7

So just these alone is £19.25, spending only £3 and getting a lot of free stuff! There is literally no lose.

If you sign up using my link here, you will also get a bonus £1 when you start, so that’s £20.25 for doing so little.

On top of this there are some high earners. New phone contracts or internet deals can bag you around £40. Don’t take my word for it use my link above, sign up and reap the benefits of free stuff and free dosh.

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