The Pinterest Project – Part 1

The Pinterest Project – Part 1

A few weeks ago I set up the Pinterest account to accompany this website and quickly grew the amount of followers by just sharing the pins that I found useful or thought contained valuable information. By doing this, I realised how quickly you could amass a following and also hatched a plan how I could turn this into a way to make a source of income.

You have probably seen for yourself all these ‘gurus’ who claim you can make your fortune with nothing more than a social media account. All you need to do is to sign up to their course (please don’t waste your money on that nonsense). However, on Pinterest I think it is genuinely possible. I will show you how. All you need to do is send me a cheque for ….. I’m joking of course.

I am not saying it is 100% gaurenteed but I am going to have fun finding out.

My First Steps

I won’t bore you with the very first steps, but basically I set up a new Pinterest Account all shiny and stuff. I then filled out all the important information. (Just so you know I will be sharing figures but not the actually name of the account)

When you set up a Pinterest account make sure you set it up as business account. It will give you so much more analytical information.

Next we will add a few boards that will be popular on Pinterest. According to Tailwind , the most popular categories on Pinterest are Food & Drink, Travel and Home Decor. These are all very visual subjects so suit Pinterest perfectly. However, what we need to think about is how we will be looking to monetize the account in the future. You can see my post on ways to monetize your Pinterest account here. If on this particular project, we are looking to initially make money just from pins, then affiliates are the way forward and possibly Merch.

With this in mind, the main board categories I will be focusing on is Fashion, Travel and Home Decor. These will be be split up in to multiple other boards. To start, likely boards.

Gaining an Initial Following

As with all social media, it is very if you aren’t proactive in trying to create a following. As a brand new account you just aren’t going to appear on everyone’s feeds. In fact the likeness is that without hard work no one with ever know you exist. So where do you start? I know for one I definitely do not want to be paying for views.

So as I said in the last section, we will start off will 10 boards. We need to get these filled with loads of really useful, pretty pins. While we are doing this we can draw peoples attention to us. If you are sharing a pin on a board, follow the original pinner. Most of the time, the person will follow you back. This will quickly increase the amount of people following you but more importantly, your reach.

So for example, 10 boards, 10 pins on each board, 100 followed accounts. This may result in say 50-75 people following you. Then rinse and repeat.

Goals And Timescale

When I have used this technique in the past, the best result was around 500 followers in 7 days. However, now with experience we should be able to do better this time. I will set the goal of 750 followers in 7 days. This will be using shared pins and follow backs. I want to ensure that I keep all the pins that I share relevant and linking to high quality content. No click baiting. At this stage there will be no monetisation so no income goals. In the next post I will share some of the analytics to show the progress we have made. I haven’t on this post as there is literally nothing to see.

I will look to post part of this project in 7 days to see where we have got up to and then we can start to look at how we are going to use this platform to start to make a side income. If you have any suggestions on how to move forward then leave a comment below.

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